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Pic Scanner Gold – Help and Troubleshooting


Who ever heard of a user guide for a Swiss Army knife? But worry not, we have compiled a thorough list of FAQ for Pic Scanner Gold. If your question isn’t covered here, do email us – we will respond

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How to scan photos? Try Pic Scanner Gold app.


Are your memories in a mess? There is an easy solution: Scan photos and old picture albums with iPhone or iPad, using a good photo scanner app. Certified photo organizer, Caroline Gunter, takes an in-depth look at iOS app Pic

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How to scan photos and albums with iPhone (Easy)


Let’s face it. Scanning photos and albums with a scanner isn’t for everyone. Scanners aren’t cheap, and setting one up is a pain in the butt. And once you’re done digitizing, it’s just another big, idle gizmo lying about the

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Old family photos, reunited at last

An Inherited Trove of Old Family Photos My grandfather’s most prized possession was his collection of old family photos. Thousands and thousands of B&W, sepia and early-days color photographs. He and grandma raised a big family, and granddad’s boxes of

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How to scan photos: Photo scanner apps for iPhone and iPad

scan photos iphone

Scanning photos: A tedious chore? You found a long-lost box of old family photographs, and everyone wants copies? Your basement has a pile of shoe boxes and picture albums with photos taken over many decades? You need a slideshow for

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Yes, There Were Pics Before Pixels

Life Before Digital Cameras Remember life before digital cameras? It wasn’t so long ago that: Before boarding the plane for an exotic vacation, packing enough rolls of film was as important as packing the passport. You worried endlessly whether those

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“Put away the desktop scanner” Says AppAdvice

Are the days of the trusty old desktop scanner numbered? Here’s what AppAdvice has to say: “Almost everyone uses their mobile devices or digital cameras for snapping photos nowadays. But, what about all of those pictures you have in that

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Pic Scanner on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter

Pic Scanner is now also on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Find us on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/picscanner, Facebook atĀ www.facebook.com/picscanner and Twitter at @PicScanner. Follow us for tips and tricks on using Pic Scanner, and also much more on the theme of

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Making your family tree

I sometimes wonder whether the idea of family trees comes from us descending from apes descending from trees. Luckily, most family trees go back only a few generations, and making those is hard enough. The longest family tree in the

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