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Automatic Cropping With Pic Scanner – Get it Right

Automatic cropping is the key effort-saving feature of Pic Scanner app, but what if your photos are split in random places or look skewed? You could re-scan, but the tips below will help you get accurate results every time (Hint:

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How to Create Digital Albums from Photos Scanned with Pic Scanner app


Why bother to create digital albums? Once you have finished scanning and editing your printed photos with Pic Scanner app, it’s advisable to create digital albums for organizing those memories. This is desirable for a couple of reasons: If you

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How to Scan Printed Photos (“Wonder How To” Review)

old camera photos

Why not scan with Camera app? Couldn’t you easily scan printed photos with an iPhone or iPad? Snap a picture of the printed photo with Camera app. The “scan” will be saved in Camera Roll, and you could crop it

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Pic Scanner Help and Troubleshooting

pic scanner help troubleshooting tips

Pic Scanner Help and Troubleshooting guide covers frequently asked questions about Pic Scanner. If your question is not answered here, email us. For in-app tips, tap ‘Menu’ on Camera screen. For ready reference, print our 5 Minute Guide.  If you

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Easy way to scan photos and picture albums


Scanning old family photos and albums is laborious with bulky, old-fashioned scanners – but easy and blazing fast with Pic Scanner app for iPhone and iPad. The old-fashioned way can take a Herculean effort. Even if you are tech-savvy and

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Exporting from Pic Scanner Gold to Google Photos

Exporting photos from Pic Scanner Gold to free cloud and photo storage services such as Dropbox, Flickr, Photos etc. and social network sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. is easy. Just select the photos, tap Export button, and choose the

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Pic Scanner to Pic Scanner Gold Migration

Upgrading from Pic Scanner to Pic Scanner Gold? Obviously you would like to transfer all your scanned photos, albums and captions to the new app. It’s easy. Pic Scanner – Migrating from old to Gold There are two ways to

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How to scan photos: Photo scanner apps for iOS

scan photos iphone

Scanning photos: A tedious chore? You found a long-lost box of old family photographs, and everyone wants copies? Or you have a pile of shoe boxes and picture albums with photos taken over many decades? Or you need to make

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How to transfer photos from old iPhone (or iPad) to new

Got a new iPhone or iPad, but have hundreds of scanned photos in Pic Scanner app on your old device? Want to transfer photos, along with albums and captions to your new toy? Piece of cake! Here’s How To Transfer

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Introduction to Photo Scanning

If you have an iPhone or iPad, photo scanning is super easy with Pic Scanner app. To scan with your smartphone or a digital camera, remember a few things and you’ll do just fine: Lighting: Ensure good ambient lighting. If

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