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7 Great tips for scanning photos with iPhone and iPad


Scanning photos is easy and fast with apps If you are short on time, or need to scan photos on the fly,  just use an iPhone or iPad and a good photo scanning app. It’s much faster and easier than

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Pic Scanner Gold – Help and Troubleshooting


Who ever heard of a user guide for a Swiss Army knife? But worry not, we have compiled a thorough list of FAQ for Pic Scanner Gold. If your question isn’t covered here, do email us – we will respond

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How to scan photos? Try Pic Scanner Gold app.


Are your memories in a mess? There is an easy solution: Scan photos and old picture albums with iPhone or iPad, using a good photo scanner app. Certified photo organizer, Caroline Gunter, takes an in-depth look at iOS app Pic

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How to Scan Printed Photos (“Wonder How To” Review)


Do you need to scan old paper photos? Use your smartphone. It has a great camera, and we’ll suggest a couple of great apps to choose from. You’ll also need a well-lighted place and a steady hand. Music in the

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How to view film negatives as positives


If you want to scan photos,  Pic Scanner Gold is a great app for iPhone and iPad users. Note that Pic Scanner IS NOT meant for scanning film negatives or Kodachrome slides. Some film negatives scanning apps do exist, but

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How to scan photos and albums with iPhone (Easy)


Let’s face it. Scanning photos and albums with a scanner isn’t for everyone. Scanners aren’t cheap, and setting one up is a pain in the butt. And once you’re done digitizing, it’s just another big, idle gizmo lying about the

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Pic Scanner to Pic Scanner Gold Migration


Did you just upgrade from Pic Scanner (our lite app) to Pic Scanner Gold (advanced app)? Good choice. You’ll love all the extra features. You’ll also want to transfer all your scanned photos, albums and captions to the new app?

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Export or transfer photos to Google Photos


This article explains how to bulk-export Pic Scanner Gold gallery photos to Google Photos. Pic Scanner to cloud services is easy Exporting photos from Pic Scanner Gold to cloud and photo services such as Dropbox, Flickr and OneDrive, and social

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How to Create Digital Albums from Photos Scanned with Pic Scanner app


Do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in a flood of photos? Digital albums can be your life raft. Organizing already-digital photos is easy: Photos for Mac, Flickr, Google Photos and other such apps can automatically sort them by date,

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Automatic Cropping of Photos With Pic Scanner (Easy)

4 Tips For Accurate Automatic cropping Automatic cropping is a great effort-saving feature, but what if it goes wrong? The app splits photos in random places or distorts them? You could always re-scan, but wouldn’t you rather get it right

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