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Things not working how they should? Read these troubleshooting tips.

How to transfer photos from old iPhone (or iPad) to new

Got a new iPhone or iPad, but have hundreds of scanned photos in Pic Scanner app on your old device? Want to transfer photos, along with albums and captions to your new toy? Piece of cake! Here’s How To Transfer

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Pic Scanner Camera Screen Explained

Camera screen is the first screen you see on launching Pic Scanner. Here is an illustrated guide to everything on this screen.       Viewfinder window (marked in red) is the entire area through which you can see the objects

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How to Share & Save Originals

“How to share & save photos from Originals to Cropped screen?” “Is there any way to export the Originals that I scanned?” “Why can’t I send the originals?” “There is no button to transfer Original photos.” Ever since we created

How to archive scanned photos in iCloud

Why archive scanned photos? Scanning makes photos portable and shareable, but it’s only the first step in preserving them. The next, and very important step, is to back them up. iCloud is a great place to archive scanned photos. It

Scan Resolution: How to get high-resolution scans

When using Pic Scanner or Pic Scanner Gold, the scan resolution can vary depending on how you do it. Here are a few easy scanning tips for getting high-quality scans: (Although the screen shots below are from Pic Scanner, these

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How to Adjust Aspect Ratio of Scanned Photos

Here’s an interesting question we received from one of our users: I am trying to scan a photo for my passport online application. There are specifics require e.g. size, type, dimension and aspect ratio. What to do? Now that’s a

How to share photos?

Some users seem to have trouble locating the “Action” or “Share” button for sending scanned photos to Camera Roll, Dropbox, Facebook, email etc. This button (square with an arrow pointing up) appears only after you have scanned one or more

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Pic Scanner on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter

Pic Scanner is now also on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Find us on Pinterest at, Facebook at and Twitter at @PicScanner. Follow us for tips and tricks on using Pic Scanner, and also much more on the theme of

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The Trouble With Old Photos

The trouble with old photographs is that often they are one of a kind. Negatives have long been lost, and your personal history would be lost forever should anything happen to the photos. “What can happen?” Light, damp, fire, spills,

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