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How to Adjust Aspect Ratio of Scanned Photos

Here’s an interesting question we received from one of our users:

I am trying to scan a photo for my passport online application. There are specifics require e.g. size, type, dimension and aspect ratio. What to do?

Now that’s a novel use for our app!
Well, most online forms will accept photos of 3MP of smaller size in in JPG (also called JPEG) type or format. Scans made with Pic Scanner comply with these two requirements.
To adjust the aspect ratio, do the following:
1) Save photo to Camera Roll: Tap thumbnail on Cropped screen > tap Share > tap Camera Roll

2) Launch Photos app on iPhone > Tap your photo > Tap Edit in top right corner

3) In bottom navigation bar, tap Crop icon > Tap Aspect button (To the right of Reset – looks like white rectangles)

4) List of aspect ratios pops up. Choose the one you need > Resize as needed > Done

5) Upload it to the application form!