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Things not working how they should? Read these troubleshooting tips.

7 Great tips for scanning photos with iPhone and iPad


Scanning photos is easy and fast with apps If you are short on time, or need to scan photos on the fly,  just use an iPhone or iPad and a good photo scanning app. It’s much faster and easier than

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How to edit photos with Pic Scanner Gold’s image editor


Smartphones have democratized photo editing. Twenty years ago, only pros and geeks edited photos, using dark room equipment and software costing thousands of dollars. Now, we do it with free apps. Instagram taught us to indiscriminately apply filters to everything

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How to scan photos and albums with iPhone (Easy)


Let’s face it. Scanning photos and albums with a scanner isn’t for everyone. Scanners aren’t cheap, and setting one up is a pain in the butt. And once you’re done digitizing, it’s just another big, idle gizmo lying about the

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How to Create Digital Albums from Photos Scanned with Pic Scanner app


Do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in a flood of photos? Digital albums can be your life raft. Organizing already-digital photos is easy: Photos for Mac, Flickr, Google Photos and other such apps can automatically sort them by date,

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Automatic Cropping of Photos With Pic Scanner (Easy)

4 Tips For Accurate Automatic cropping Automatic cropping is a great effort-saving feature, but what if it goes wrong? The app splits photos in random places or distorts them? You could always re-scan, but wouldn’t you rather get it right

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Pic Scanner Help and Troubleshooting

pic scanner help troubleshooting tips

Pic Scanner Help and Troubleshooting guide covers frequently asked questions about Pic Scanner. If your question is not answered here, email us. For in-app tips, tap ‘Menu’ on Camera screen. For ready reference, print our 5 Minute Guide.  If you

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How to scan photos: Photo scanner apps for iPhone and iPad

scan photos iphone

Scanning photos: A tedious chore? You found a long-lost box of old family photographs, and everyone wants copies? Your basement has a pile of shoe boxes and picture albums with photos taken over many decades? You need a slideshow for

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How to Save Photo Albums to iCloud

Pic Scanner Gold lets you share and save photo albums to iCloud – as well as Dropbox, Google Photos and many other free cloud services. Archiving photos to your preferred photo storage service ensures that photos are safe even if

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Pic Scanner Gold – Help and Troubleshooting

Who ever heard of a user guide for a Swiss Army knife? But worry not, we have compiled a fairly thorough quick-reference list of FAQ for Pic Scanner Gold. If your question isn’t covered here, do email us – we

Hang framed photos straight? Simple trick.

How to hang framed photos? So you finally framed your nostalgia-filled family photos. Now all that’s left to do is put them on the wall, but you have zero confidence in your ability to hang framed photos straight? Don’t worry,

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