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DIY ideas for converting your scanned photos into beautiful keepsakes!

New Year’s Resolution? Scanning photos.

Time for scanning photos? Will this be the year when you get down to scanning photos in those old picture albums? Well, it’s resolution time, so why not take the leap? Oh, wait! We know why you are hesitating. It’s

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Scanning photos? What next?

    You’ve been scanning photos? Now what? Scanning photos with Pic Scanner app is only the first step in bringing nostalgic memories back to life (If you haven’t heard about this must-have app for iPhone and iPad, or don’t

DIY Photo Crafts: Photos Trowels, via Pic Scanner

Once you have scanned old family photos, it’s easy to use them for photo crafts – convert them into beautiful objects that bring back nostalgic memories. Got a couple of old trowels in the garage or garden shed? Let’s see

Making your family tree

I sometimes wonder whether the idea of family trees comes from us descending from apes descending from trees. Luckily, most family trees go back only a few generations, and making those is hard enough. The longest family tree in the

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Pic Scanner on Facebook

So how many kings does it take to bury one? The answer (and the pic that raised the question) appeared on our Facebook page a couple of years ago. Do check it out – we post loads of interesting stuff

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