Exporting from Pic Scanner Gold to Google Photos

Exporting photos from Pic Scanner Gold to free cloud and photo storage services such as Dropbox, Flickr, Photos etc. and social network sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. is easy. Just select the photos, tap Export button, and choose the destination.


The most-used services are displayed first (Grey screen above), and to access all other weird and wonderful photo apps installed on your device, you tap Show all.

Most cloud and photo storage apps appear on one of these two screens, but Google Photos seems to “hide” itself! But no worries: Exports from Pic Scanner Gold to Google Photos can be done, as long as you have Google Drive and Google Photos apps on your device.

It’s a bit tedious, but fortunately, it’s a one-time set up. Once done, you will be all set for future uploads.

From Pic Scanner Gold to Google Photos

1) Log in to Google Photos and Google Drive apps on iPhone or iPad

2) In Google Photos app, tap Menu > Settings > turn Google Drive ‘ON’. Create a new album, and give it the same name as your album in Pic Scanner Gold.

3) In Pic Scanner Gold, go to Gallery > Select > (choose up to 10 photos*) > Export > Choose whether to Include or Exclude Captions > Show all > Google Drive > My Drive > Google Photos > Album > Save here > Upload.

* Google Drive will only allow you to upload max. 10 photos at a time. If you select more than 10 photos in Pic Scanner Gold, Drive icon will not appear in Export options.

Note: After selecting photos and tapping Export, you will see 2 option: To Include or Exclude captions. Choosing ‘Exclude’ exports photos as they are. Choosing ‘Include’ will embed your captions below the photos and then export the photos (‘Include captions’ feature requires a one-time in-app purchase).

After upload is complete, the photos will be visible in both Google Drive and Google Photos.

Give it a try, and let us know if you have any problems uploading from Pic Scanner Gold to Google Photos or any other photo storage service you want to use.

Photo Editing With Pic Scanner Gold

Photo editing tools in Pic Scanner Gold are quite amazing. You can use them to edit scanned photos, as well as those imported from Photos app. Here are a few fun examples of photo editing – try out these tools if you haven’t already.


Splash tool – selective recoloring

Splash tool is used for selective recoloring. Select a photo, then tap Splash. The photo will turn B&W. Now choose either smart color or free color mode, and use your finger to restore color only to the parts you want. Use eraser to remove any unwanted coloring. This kind of photo editing is great for focusing viewers’ attention on one or two specific items in a photograph.


Frame your photos

Frames add body to your photos. Our photo editing toolkit includes a selection of beautifully designed frames and borders to enhance your photos before you post them on Facebook or other social media. Go to Edit > Frames, then tap either Original or Signature range. Try out the various options available. When you find the right one, tap Apply.

text on photos

Embed text in photos

Text in photos: There are two ways to add text to photos:

1) Caption: Tap Captions icon (to the right of Edit) > Add date, place, other info. This info can be viewed as an overlay over the photos from within the app, and also in Shareable Albums. It cannot be exported, but is non destructive i.e. not embedded in photo.

2) Text: Use this to EMBED text on a photo (As in a poster). Edit > Text > type whatever you want > Done > drag the text anywhere, or resize / rotate it as needed > Apply > Done.

Pic Scanner Gold includes many other photo editing tools, such as overlays, memes, vignette, effects (filters), and adjustments for lighting, color, focus etc. Explore and thou shalt be rewarded with beautifully revitalized memories.

(Note that after you finish editing photos, you need to tap Apply to see how your edits will look, and then Done to save those edits. Once you tap Done, the changes become irreversible – so before doing it, make sure you are happy with them.

Any questions, email us or message us via Facebook (www.facebook.com/picscanner)

Pic Scanner to Pic Scanner Gold Migration

Upgrading from Pic Scanner to Pic Scanner Gold? Obviously you would like to transfer all your scanned photos, albums and captions to the new app. It’s easy.

Pic Scanner – Migrating from old to Gold

There are two ways to do it. Which one is better for you will depend on how many scanned photos you have in Pic Scanner.

For light users:

If you have up to 250 photos in Pic Scanner’s Cropped gallery, proceed as follows (Expected transfer time: 1 minute):

1) Download Pic Scanner Gold on the same device as Pic Scanner.

2) With both apps installed, launch Pic Scanner (old app). Tap Menu > Migrate. All cropped photos, albums and captions would be compressed. After a moment, sharing options would be shown. Select Pic Scanner Gold.

3) Pic Scanner Gold will open, and everything will be saved in it.

4) Check Photo Gallery and Albums in Pic Scanner Gold to ensure everything looks good. After this, you can delete the old app to free up space on your device (Please note that Originals will not be transferred.)

For heavy users:

If you have too many photos and albums, your iPhone or iPad may not have enough processing power to handle such a large data transfer, and the app may fail. If this happens, please proceed as follows (Expected transfer time: 10 minutes):

1) Create a folder named Pic Scanner Temp on your computer’s desktop.

2) Connect your device (iPhone or iPad) to computer with USB cable. Launch iTunes on computer, and select your device [See (1) below]

pic scanner to pic scanner gold1







3) Click Apps in iTunes sidebar on the left [See (2) below]. Then in the right pane, scroll all the way down to File Sharing section (3). Locate and click Pic Scanner (4). The right side will show some folders and files e.g. original_images, splitted_images, etc. Select them all, and drag them into Pic Scanner Temp folder on desktop.

pic scanner to pic scanner gold2

4) In Pic Scanner Temp folder, click on splitted_images folder. Check that your photos are in it, then delete original_images folder.

5) In iTunes on the computer, click Apps in left sidebar, then scroll down the right pane to File Sharing (Same as in step 3 above). Click Pic Scanner Gold. The right side will show some folders.

6) Select all folders and files in Pic Scanner Temp folder on the computer. Drag and drop them alongside the existing folders in iTunes Pic Scanner Gold folders (Care: Don’t drag Pic Scanner Temp folder into iTunes: only the files and folders within it.) In the warning pop-up box [See (5) below], check mark the Apply to all box, and click Replace. Voila! You are done!

pic scanner to pic scanner gold3

7) Launch Pic Scanner Gold on your device. Check that all photos, albums and captions are there. Now you can delete Pic Scanner (the old app) to avoid duplication and free up space on your device.

Any problems, drop us a line. We think you will enjoy your move from Pic Scanner to Pic Scanner Gold!

How to Save Photo Albums to iCloud

Pic Scanner Gold letsshare photo albums you share and save photo albums to iCloud – as well as Dropbox, Google Photos and many other free cloud services. Archiving photos to your preferred photo storage service ensures that photos are safe even if your iPhone or iPad is lost or broken.

This post explains how to save photo albums from Pic Scanner Gold to iCloud, Dropbox or your computer:

Save photo albums to iCloud

1) Start in Photo Gallery or on Album screen

2) Long-press thumbnail of a photo to be exported. It gets check marked. Tap more thumbnails to select multiple photos, or Select all for full album

3) Tap Export > Show all > iCloud Photo Sharing > type album’s name in Shared Album field > Post

4) To view the album, go to Photos app > tap Shared tab (bottom center) > Choose album.

More info on how to use iOS photo sharing in this excellent post from iMore.

Save photo albums in Dropbox

1) Navigate to Photo Gallery or Album screen.

2) Tap Select (or long-press thumbnail of a photo) to enter photo picker mode. Tap thumbnails of all photos to be exported. Or Select all for full album

3) Tap Export > Select Dropbox. Once photos are saved, go to Dropbox and create a new folder. Drag all photos into this folder and rename the folder as desired.

 Save photo albums to computer

1) Navigate to Photo Gallery or Album screen.

2) Tap Select (or long-press thumbnail of a photo) to enter photo picker mode. Tap thumbnails of all photos to be exported. Or Select all for full album

3) Tap Export > Photos. This will save the selected pictures to Photos app. If you have iCloud/Photostream enabled, the photos will also sync via iCloud to your Mac etc.