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Press and blog reviews of Pic Scanner, the iOS app for digitizing old family photos

How to Scan Printed Photos (“Wonder How To” Review)

old camera photos

Why not scan with Camera app? Couldn’t you easily scan printed photos with an iPhone or iPad? Snap a picture of the printed photo with Camera app. The “scan” will be saved in Camera Roll, and you could crop it

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Pic Scanner Gold Restores & Preserves Memories [Review]


Pic Scanner Gold App Preserves Memories What is Pic Scanner Gold? Photography went digital at the turn of the 21st century, but most of us still have printed photos stashed somewhere around our homes. Scanning photos isn’t the most exciting

“Put away the desktop scanner” Says AppAdvice

Are the days of the trusty old desktop scanner numbered? Here’s what AppAdvice has to say: “Almost everyone uses their mobile devices or digital cameras for snapping photos nowadays. But, what about all of those pictures you have in that

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Heidi Bayrle, the founder of, recently reviewed Pic Scanner for iOS 8. On a personal note, she shares this: “I have been using this app since January 2014, but now my mother-in-law is using it too! It is really

Review: Convert Old Photos to Digital

“Do you have a ton of old family photos that you’d love to convert digitally onto your phone, computer or tablet? If so, you’re going to want to check out Pic Scanner“, says Crestleaf (, a family tree helper website):

iPad Insight review of Pic Scanner

A good, balanced review of Pic Scanner: Save Those Old Photos: Pic Scanner for iPad Review

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Handy apps put a photo scanner in your pocket


Cult of Mac compares three photo scanner apps. Pic Scanner tops! The 1940s hockey photos we found among my aunt’s possessions are a mystery she took to her grave. But with a little internet research and some sharing through social

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Preserving old family photographs

Are your cherished family photos lying forgotten in albums and closets? It is easy to scan them. All you need is an iPhone or iPad, and an app called Pic Scanner. This app lets you scan two, three, even four

BBC Reviews Pic Scanner!

BBC World’s flagship technology show Click recently featured Pic Scanner. We at App Initio are huge fans of BBC’s tech diva Kate Russell, so we are delighted to share this clip with you: Photo Scanning App for iPhone and iPad

Review: iOS app Pic Scanner gets old photos into digital age

iOS app Pic Scanner gets old photos into digital age