How to Create Digital Albums from Photos Scanned with Pic Scanner app

Why bother to create digital albums?

Once you have finished scanning and editing your printed photos with Pic Scanner app, it’s advisable to create digital albums for organizing those memories. This is desirable for a couple of reasons:

  1. If you have a large number of photos, putting them in albums makes them easier to access. You could group them logically – by event (e.g. wedding, graduation, Japan trip etc.) or by year or decade (e.g. 1970s)
  2. You can put the same digital photo into multiple albums, e.g. the same photo could be in “Parents’ Wedding” and “1960s” album. Putting photos in multiple albums doesn’t take up extra space on your iPhone or iPad.

How to do it?

It is amazingly easy. You can create an album literally in minutes. Here’s how:

1) Go to “Cropped” Screen

Your scanned photos are saved on Cropped screen. To access it, tap the thumbnail on top left of Camera screen. Cropped screen displays thumbnails of all your scanned photos:


Tapping on any thumbnail opens the full-sized photo on View & Edit screen. You can edit the photo, if needed, and add captions i.e. “when, where, who” details. This is how it looks:


Once all the photos are looking good, return to Cropped screen to to create digital albums.

2) Create New Album:

Tap Albums button on bottom right. If this is your first album, you will see a message “No albums yet”.


Tap Create new album. In the pop-up box that opens, type in new album’s name and press Save. You will see the Albums screen, with the album you just created (As yet empty):

empty photo album

3) Add Photos to New Album

Tap the grey tile representing the album you just created. Then tap Add Photos > Cropped (tile on top of the screen):

add photos album

Select photos that you want added to the album by tapping their thumbnails. When finished, tap Done. That’s it! Your album is ready:

digital photo album

Note that photos are displayed in the album in the same order in which you tapped them (Our advanced app Pic Scanner Gold lets you rearrange photos within albums, but this feature is not available in PicScanner.)

The photos appear in the Cropped gallery as well as the album. If you wish, you can add the same photo to multiple albums.

Deleting a photo from an album only deletes it from that album. Deleting it from Cropped gallery deletes it from all albums.

4) Add Photos to Existing Album

If you decide to add a few more pictures to an album, it’s also easy. Go to  Cropped screen, tap Select > Choose the photos > Add > Add to Existing album > tap the appropriate album. That’s it!

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