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Yes, There Were Pics Before Pixels

Life Before Digital Cameras Remember life before digital cameras? It wasn’t so long ago that: Before boarding the plane for an exotic vacation, packing enough rolls of film was as important as packing the passport. You worried endlessly whether those

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How to view scanned photos on HDTV

Scanned those precious old photos and put them in your iPhone, iPad or computer? Now supersize the experience of enjoying the memories by viewing those photos on HDTV. Once you have scanned and edited the pictures to perfection, transfer them

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How To Share Albums

“Can I share albums by email, or save them to my Computer?” The answer is, “It depends”. You can bulk-export photos from Cropped screen or an album in Pic Scanner to Photos app, Dropbox, or email. To use photos from

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Scan Resolution: How to get high-resolution scans

When using Pic Scanner or Pic Scanner Gold, the scan resolution can vary depending on how you do it. Here are a few easy scanning tips for getting high-quality scans: (Although the screen shots below are from Pic Scanner, these

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iPad Insight review of Pic Scanner

A good, balanced review of Pic Scanner: Save Those Old Photos: Pic Scanner for iPad Review http://ipadinsight.com/ipad-app-reviews/save-those-old-photos-pic-scanner-for-ipad-review/#more-25813

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Review: Handy apps put a photo scanner in your pocket

Cult of Mac compares three photo scanner apps. Pic Scanner comes out on top! http://www.cultofmac.com/283421/photo-scanning-apps/#slide-6

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How to share photos?

Some users seem to have trouble locating the “Action” or “Share” button for sending scanned photos to Camera Roll, Dropbox, Facebook, email etc. This button (square with an arrow pointing up) appears only after you have scanned one or more

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Making your family tree

I sometimes wonder whether the idea of family trees comes from us descending from apes descending from trees. Luckily, most family trees go back only a few generations, and making those is hard enough. The longest family tree in the

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Pic Scanner on Facebook

So how many kings does it take to bury one? The answer (and the pic that raised the question) appeared on our Facebook page a couple of years ago. Do check it out – we post loads of interesting stuff

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The Trouble With Old Photos

The trouble with old photographs is that often they are one of a kind. Negatives have long been lost, and your personal history would be lost forever should anything happen to the photos. “What can happen?” Light, damp, fire, spills,

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